Meet The Team: Helen

Introducing Our Newest Team Member - Helen! ⁠

Helen joined as a member and we're now excited to be able to announce she will now be taking up a role as part of the team to help with Community Management and Members Experience.⁠

Everyone's got a story here, read Helen's below. ⁠

I joined Next Level as a member back in 2018 so it’s still fresh in my mind what it’s like to be a beginner and my hope is that my story can help you too. ⁠

I look back now and realise how tough of a period this was for me; ⁠

- I'd fallen into a vicious cycle of making unhealthy decisions.⁠

- I was over-eating.⁠

- I was socially secluding myself.⁠

- and I had zero confidence. ⁠

All these factors constantly fueled my anxiety, meaning a way out didn't seem possible.⁠

I remember reaching out to Sean via a Facebook ad and finding myself telling him all the reasons why I couldn't attend the gym. ⁠

The BIGGEST fear for me was ENTERING the gym AND the challenge of breaking the vicious cycle. ⁠

Sean met me in the car park before my first session so that I didn't have to face those fears alone…⁠

4 years on, I'm still a Next Level wanker!! ⁠

My journey is my own & more than likely completely different to others but that's the main reason I've been here for so long.. ⁠

A judgment-free… everyone is on a different journey to the same destination community.⁠

During those 4 years, I've fucked up and fallen off the wagon and still do now but the support of the team means I brush myself off and go at it again!!⁠

Now, my role as the Community & Experience Manager means I can be here to support anyone who need's help!⁠. ⁠


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