Meet The Team: Shannon

I used to be so unhealthy & unhappy, I couldn’t even run up the street without being out of breath.

I was mentally & physically exhausted daily.

That’s when I decided to believe I CAN and I did, I'm now a fully qualified personal trainer and my favourite thing to do is exercise .. if someone had told me that a few years ago I would have laughed!

I believe anything is possible when you believe in yourself and helping people achieve this mindset is my goal.

Food was always a big issue for me, I would either binge eat and then beat myself up very badly for it or I would eat nothing and make myself poorly, when I was 14 I got an eating disorder, I wouldn’t eat for days sometimes and eating In front of people was a big NO.

Now I absolutely LOVE food and priorities food everyday, making sure I'm eating enough and enjoying my food too non of this boring crap people like to brag about!

This is a lifestyle not a diet so if you want that slice of cake then have it, just make sure to work extra hard on your next workout!

Always remember the body can withstand almost ANYTHING it’s your mind you have to convince.

I had a tough time in school which lead to me piling on weight because I would comfort eat this then escalated to takeaways and drinking in my teenage years.

Jumping to my early 20s and I had a tough couple of years which then lead to depression & an unhealthy weight loss.

My confidence was gone and I was a shell of myself, I was determined to change my life around and not let my past shape me.

I started up my own baking business in lockdown from just a hobby which then gave me a purpose, made me believe in myself a little more and gave me motivation again, I started to feel myself again and that’s when i decided it was time to change because nobody was going to do it for me.

I decided in 2021 to start the gym so that’s exactly what I did, I threw myself into training and I soon became obsessed with bettering myself.

I remember being in the gym one day just thinking I want to help people because if I can do it anyone can, I booked onto a PT course and spent a full year with my head in books and finally became a fully qualified PT.

I then joined next level fitness which has opened so many more doors for me and helped open my eyes to all kinds of different training methods.

I am now confident, happy and the best version of myself, I set myself daily goals and I still aim to better myself every day because there is no such thing as perfection and everybody has bad days but that's okay, just fall in love with the process of becoming the you that you know you can be.


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