The Pillars Of Change


Our goal here at Next Level is complete Lifestyle Transformation.

Our long term coaching model takes place over 6 core pillars to help you create habits which lead to lasting change. 

Some of these you may already have, others not and everyone's journey is tailored but generally speaking you’ll move through these pillars in 2 stages:

Stage 1 (Activity First > Eat Well > Identity Shift) is about creating a solid foundation from which to build and start getting your first micro wins.

Stage 2: (Build Your Process > Resilience > Seek Out New Challenge) then builds momentum and a plan to get you towards your big goals along with laying the foundations for lasting change.

Our philosophy is to start with the easy wins and move onto the harder tasks as your ability grows. 

Below is a general overview of what to expect at each stage.


The first steps...

Activity First… 

Learn to enjoy exercise, build your physical ability to do fitness training and learn to associate the challenge of working out with the benefits and achievements that come after.

Eat Well…

Focus on creating good food habits that push the bad ones out rather than restrictive diets that you can’t wait to finish.

Identity Shift… 

Create confidence! Learn that you can do this!

Move past the doubts and fear that hold you back and  become the person who is confident in themselves, their ability to take on new challenges and to do well.  Create a positive relationship with yourself and fitness.


With a solid foundation start working towards your bigger goals...

Build Your Process...

Using the habits you have formed and learning from experience we sit down and focus on the specific daily actions your need to achieve your long terms goals.


Create a mindset that never needs to start over. Learn the strategies to get through obstacles when life throws curve balls your way. Failure becomes feedback and opportunities to do even better.

Seek Out New Challenge…

The best part of your fitness journey. Start doing all the activities you’ve been missing out on, either personally or as part of the gym events.. 

This is where you are well on your way to where you want to be. You’ve had some wins and your thought process becomes ‘what can I do next’


At Next Level we understand everyone is different.

Your coaches will guide you on you own journey, one step at a time, at your own pace. 

You will learn through your environment; on your training sessions, talking to your coaches and by listening to other members.

Additional content is available on the app.

We have weekly  drop in sessions you can join us on.

AND most importantly.

You will have your own personal success coach working with you all the way.


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